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Preparing of railroad car for cargo transportation

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In certain cases, such as cargo transit or a number of deliveries using your own or contracted railroad cars, you may need services of preparing the cars for the next delivery within your planned deliveries schedule.

In such situations SB-Trans Ltd. is pleased to offer you the services of preparing of railroad cars for cargo transportation.

The range of these services also includes washing/steaming depending on the type of cargo to be transported.



Within the service of railroad car preparing we ensure that:
— the car is completely cleaned from previously transported cargo;
— the car walls and flour are free from dangerous nails or bolts;
— all doors and hatches, such as side loading hatches, etc. are properly closed;
— all locking and sealing devices, supporting structures are reliable and operable;
— cars are ready for cargo loading and normal condition for this type of cars is secured;
— complete range of works of preparation of cisterns for a liquid cargo transportation is performed.

In case a cargo needs to be convoyed we are ready to prepare heated railroad car for attendants responsible for cargo guarding & escorting.