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Multimodal transportation

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Multimodal transportation, being one of the key activities of SB-Trans Ltd., is an efficient cargo delivery from point A to point B with combined use of different types of transport (marine, air, road, railway). In many cases, such transportation is the only option available, when consignor and consignee are located on different continents.

Combining of transports (for example, marine transport + freight forwarding by air) makes it possible to reduce delivery time and to cut down expenses significantly compared to the case when a single type of transport is used. It is the optimal transport combination that provides the Customer with an option to deliver his/her cargo to the points of globe where railways or outlets to the sea are not available.

Organizing multimodal transportation involves engagement of entire transport infrastructure: terminals, consolidation warehouses, ports, airports, etc. It means the actions of all participants of logistic processes are to be coordinated in the best possible way.

To guarantee successful transportation, SB-Trans Ltd. cooperates solely with renowned operators which can ensure smooth and problem free work within specified terms at every stage of the route, thus performing all undertaken obligations.