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Freight forwarding

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We can arrange regular automobile freight forwarding within the territory of Belarus.
High servicing quality due to proper vehicles fleet and individual approach to your needs.

— Professionalism of experienced drivers
— Possibility of food products transportation
— Providing of automobiles according to the schedule
— Receiving of returns
— Execution of deficiency/regrading acts
— Acceptance of goods by the pieces

Прямая перегрузка товара на территории склада из одного в автомобиля в другой (или в несколько), подразумевает прямую передачу груза от поставщика к получателю, как отдельный заказ без переформирования.

Truck-to-truck cargo transshipment from one vehicle to another (or to several ones) within the warehouse territory. It entails direct transfer of a cargo from the supplier to the customer as an individual order without repeated placing the order.
Cross-docking is perfectly suitable for the following groups of goods:
— short shelf-life product with an immediate transportation;
— goods requiring thorough quality control at the moment of receiving;
— promotional items;
— steady demand mass consumer goods;
— transportation of products from one retail sales point to another one;
— ready to use selected, packed products.

Cross-docking advantages

— Minimum warehousing expenses since there is no cargo warehousing process and there is no overlapping of loading and unloading operations.
-Express delivery of a cargo to the destination points: goods are to be forwarded to the sales points immediately after receiving at the warehouse.
— Summary indicators for profit are high. The goods aren’t subject to warehousing. Therefore, there is no need to pay for the service. The cargo arrives in the warehouse just before the very unloading.

Economize on warehousing cost and save money due to reduced delivery time.