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Over-dimensioned and dangerous cargoes

Over-dimensioned cargoes

Оver-dimensioned cargo is a cargo with parameters exceeding dimensions allowed for the transportation as well as standards established by the road traffic regulations. In other words, oversized dimension means such dimension of a cargo which cannot be placed into a standard transportation means.
Standard transportation means usually possess limited capabilities and can only transport a cargo with the following dimensions:
— height 3.00 meters
— length 13.60 meters
— width 2.45 meters
A cargo with dimensions exceeding at least one of the parameters is considered to be over-dimensioned. As a rule construction equipment, special vehicles, construction structures, etc. are referred to over-dimensioned cargoes. In case the sum of measurements of sides of a cargo item (length + width + height) is 6 meters or more such cargo is considered to be over-dimensioned. When calculating transportation cost of such cargo item a bulkiness markup of 15% or more shall be considered.

Dangerous cargoes

Dangerous cargo is a cargo which, due to its properties, under certain circumstances, during shunting operations, loading and unloading operations, can cause an explosion, fire, chemical or other contamination or damage to technical means, devices, equipment and other assets belonging to Railroad or third parties, as well as cause personal injury or environmental damage.
Due to the term “dangerous” transportation of a dangerous cargo has certain features. It includes specially equipped railroad car with special marking complying with a number of strict requirements, obtaining licenses to carry out this type of transportation operations, preparing of many documents, obtaining permissions and approvals. A thorough following to documents and standards is required while arranging a dangerous cargo transportation.

Classification of dangerous cargoes:
Class 1: explosive materials;
Class 2: gases, pressurized, liquefied and dissolved under pressure gas;
Class 3: highly inflammable liquids;
Class 4: highly inflammable solid substances, spontaneously igniting matters, substances releasing self-ignitable gases in case of a contact with water;
Class 5: oxidation materials and organic peroxides;
Class 6: toxic substances and contagious substances;
Class 7: radioactive materials;
Class 8: caustic and/or corrosive substances;
Class 9: other dangerous substances.

Dangerous Cargoes Railroad Transportation Rules can be found here.