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Freight forwarding

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SB-Trans Ltd. provides freight forwarding Services.

Our highly experienced experts render comprehensive combined services to ensure cargo transportation, escorting and performing all necessary paperwork. Our forwarders monitor the cargo to ensure its safety, manage the entire delivery from the consignor to the consignee’s door.

Our employees process dispatch information received from a Customer. We coordinate terms and conditions as well as schedules of cargo transportation with foreign railroads, search for railroad cars and track them within Belarusian railroads as well as CIS countries railroads, manage receipts, check transported volumes and settle payments with Customers.

Thanks to existing agreements and a good record of cooperation with foreign forwarders, regulators and owners of other facilities we can assist You in arranging your access to the following associated services:

— Railroad car rental, repair, washing, preparing
— Transshipment of a cargo from platform of one type to the platform of any other type;
— Cargo warehousing;
— Other services.